A Blog About My Journey Riding and Training Sora, My Soulmate

Friday, October 22, 2010

Grad School Sucks

Really really sucks =*(

I've been far too busy with my classes, work and applying for jobs to do anything with Sora other than trim her hooves, pick burs out of her mane and spend a little time with her. Because of that I have zero motivation to work with her even when I have a day off and a little time.

I'm reassuring myself that this is my last semester of school and that as soon as I'm done and have a job and am able to board Sora I will be soooo motivated to make progress with her and I'll finally be able to spend the amount of time with her that I want to.

This is the reason I haven't been posting. I miss reading everyone's blogs and miss writing in mine. Hopefully I'll be back, full time again soon.

Monday, October 4, 2010


Circling Game

This is Karen and her horse Tamarack. She is one of the people who has been doing AND the longest. By the way, the horse made up this "game" =)