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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ready for the Spring

Wow, here I come back and say I'll be writing more and than completely ignore this blog for far too long. We've had crazy weather recently, first with warmer than normal temps and now terrible snow storms with high snow fall. It has been extremely difficult to do anything with Sora other than working on her feet and some small work on her simple tricks. I do need to get some pictures of her feet which I will try to do either tomorrow or in the next couple of days because I am really proud of my improvement in rasping skill.

I do have some incredible news though! I have an interview on Monday and there is an extremely high chance that I will be offered a job. If that is the case I will finally get to move out of my parent's house :) Because I would be making very little money I am currently seeking a place near where I'll be moving that would allow an arrangement where I could work off part of her board. I'm so excited to find someplace and finally get to move!

I also found some pictures of me when I was twelve riding Bucky and I want to get them scanned in to post here. Maybe another thing for tomorrow :)