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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer Cometh Accompanied by Sadness

Finally after some of the most wet and rainy weather I've been through, we seem to have more mushrooms in our lawn then grass, it is sunny and warm. on Monday I got most of the knots out of Sora's mane and we had a wonderful liberty walk down the driveway. Then yesterday I got my little sister to take pictures of Sora at liberty before Hanna left for her music camp in Vermont.We've done most everything at liberty for the past week or so. The things I'm the proudest of are some of the smallest. One of those is that if I stand up on anything to use it as a mounting block I can get her, with a little persuasion to step up to it and wait calmly while I climb on her back with or without any type of halter or bridle. I also rode her for an extremely short time a few days ago with just a Cordeo and it was really lovely. She stopped and turned even lighter than she ever has with a halter.

I'm also extremely pleased with how she's maturing. She still has some awkward baby look but she's really filling out and getting more muscular. Her head is also drying out and I can't believe how I ended up with such a beautiful horse.
Completely at liberty trotting with me. No small feat especially with the corn (or "bestest food ever" as the horses would call it) right next to us. For the entire photo shoot Sora had maybe one bite when I wasn't paying attention to her =)

If this post sounds a little subdued it's because I just got the kind of call that no horse owner ever wants. Suz, the woman who bought Loki left me a message that he was put down today after tearing all the ligaments in a leg.I don't quite know how to feel. I had him for longer than any other horse and I did so much with him but we never clicked. Because of that, although I'm extremely sad it's not the life altering experience that it could be. I am extremely sad for Suz who was crying on the voicemail and I'm so glad that he had someone who really loved him and who he really loved.
Bye baby boy, you will be missed by all who knew you.


  1. Wow. I'm so sorry. Hearing that about any horse is tough...one you spent so much time with is even tougher. But at least he's not in pain.

  2. Oh gosh! My heart totally goes out to your friend and her enormous loss! I just lost my dog of 16 yrs. and ironically, my friend had put her Arabian of forever (literally, that horse was her children's mount, and then when they went off to college he became a therapy horse) down due to old age 2 days before. I thought losing a horse and a dog would be so different we wouldn't have a thing to speak about, but it was immensely helpful and cathartic. We found out that many of our feelings were EXACTLY the same. I'm sure it may be even worse for your friend b/c it sounds like it was sudden. But, if she ever want's to communticate she only needs to go to my blog and I will get back to her. I send my heartfelt condolences to all involved. He was a looker!
    And yes, you do have quite a beauty there in Sora, the Arabian is very much one of my fave breeds. Apparently, as I bought my AngloArab because I was not going to settle for a little horse and no decent sizes were in the sale ads. So the little Arabians I was finding were frustrating me. I'm easily 5'9! It was kismet anyway. I too, think my horse is perfect in every way.
    Take care!

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  4. Thank you both so much. Jacksonsgrrl, I'll let Suz know what you said. Thanks so much for your support. I am so sorry for your loss as well. I certainly know what it's like to loose such an important member of the family.

    I sympathize with your quest for a tall Arabian. They can be hard to find =) Nice that you were able to find your dream horse.

  5. Sorry to hear about Loki. He's gorgeous.

    Love the "at liberty" pictures. That is so cool!