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Monday, December 27, 2010

Forward Movement

reNow that the new year is close I feel like it is a perfect time to make some goals for myself and Sora. Now because grad school is over I shouldn't have any big distracting events that take me away from her so I should be able to concentrate on my girl and really make some progress.

First I want to make sure she is really strong, fit and moving well before I ever get back on her. Luckily the timing is right for this because I wasn't planning on doing much more riding until she gets to be five in May.

To do this I am going to go more methodically through the AND exercises then I have in the past starting with teaching her to lower her head while she is moving. For an Arab this will be tough :) but because of the endorphins it creates it will not only calm her but do a lot to strengthen and stretch out her back.

Another big goal is to get her more comfortable with things on her back. She has always been touchy with the saddle and even though she is good about it I can tell she is uncomfortable. Since I've never really ridden her and she hasn't spent much time with a saddle on so I don't think its discomfort, just a lack of experience.

I also need to work more on her hooves both with perfecting my technique and also making sure she is more comfortable with her back hooves. Luckily I have a patient and helpful hoof trimmer so working on my technique should go well.

I'm sure I'll think of more so I think I'll add a couple every day until new years and then make a master list.

Finally, over the past couple of months while I've been so busy I can barely see Sora other then at feeding times I've been inspired by my friend Hannah. Here is an incredible picture of what she is doing with her horse Mia and a link to her training journal which is also incredible.


  1. Those are great goals and your friend is doing something lovely!

  2. Sounds like you have great goals for Sora and you.