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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Another Great Day, Another Uninspired Post Title =)

After my great ride on Sunday I rode again yesterday (Monday) and it went even better! For the first time in a couple of months I rode her with a bridle/bit and her steering was much improved from last time and over the halter alone (duh).

I rode her for a little longer this time as well and I took her out of her comfort zone. I was prepared to do some trotting but although it was very warm, for Minnesota in November, it was also quite windy and although Sora behaved wonderfully and with class, she was tossing her head a little and I just didn't want to give her a chance to misbehave since my main focus is still on short successful rides.

Once again I have no pictures but I am getting closer to having some rather boring video posted so don't despair =)

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