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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

1st Real Trail Ride

I finally got a sister to ride with me! Yay!!!

Lauren (the 21 year-old) took Jackson out with me today and we went on a trail ride. We both started out in the arena and then headed up our old hill road. Sora was good but I wasn't really working on anything which meant I was letting some stuff go that I really wanted to work on. Sora needs rides like that sometimes but it's hard for me because I am such a perfectionist.

On the hill road we ended up in a tricky situation where we were up a really steep little hill with a bunch of ditches to go through before we could get back home. I thought about getting off but I didn't and Sora allowed me to gently guide her down. We did very well together and I was proud.

The best thing was when Lauren complimented me on my work and said how calm Sora looked. I could tell that she continued to be impressed as we rode down the driveway and Sora stayed just as calm. I was proud of my girl as usual.

I did find a couple of things I need to work on though and I think I'll try to address at least one of them tomorrow.

First, Sora is still being weird about me putting the saddle and pad on her back. I've checked and checked and she really doesn't seem sore so I don't think that's what it is. I did realized today that she really started getting nervous about it after she snagged her saddle on the barn door and shied from it.

Secondly, she had her first nervous moment in the barn when Jackson left without her. Apparently not having a horse in the barn with her is ok, but having one leave her in the barn is not. At least now I know lol!

Third, although she stands perfectly for me while I mount, as soon as I'm up she moves off. She also doesn't stand for long when I stop her. I think we'll start working on that in a few days when I ride again.

I know, I know. I promised pictures. I promise I'll get some tomorrow even if it's just of Sora's new saddle pads.

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