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Thursday, August 6, 2009

First Road Ride

I took Sora on her first ride along the road tonight with Hanna. This was our first time up there because she has been nervous about the road and since there isn't much room to get off the road I've been reluctant to take a chance. I'm finally feeling like she is controllable enough and Hanna decided to ride Khepri who is the best baby sitter EVER so I decided today was the day.

I was sooooo proud of Sora. Only one car went past and I kind of panicked *blush* but Sora handled the car, and me :P, with grace. We went on Sora's longest and hardest ride so far and she was definitely tired but she did a good job and really wanted to go the entire time. The best thing for me was that she didn't shy even once! *jumps up and down* We also did a LOT of trotting and she listened and was willing to slow down whenever I wanted :~)

I was also pleased with how willing she was to ride on the gravel and how tough her hooves are. That's really good since I really want to keep her barefoot!

and now, finally :P, some pictures!

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