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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ground Work Wednesday :>)

I think I mentioned in the last post that Sora has been a little nervous about me putting the saddle and saddle pads on her back. Not only have I checked her all over for pain but she is comfortable when I get on her back, walks with her back loose and, most of all, is just as nervous about me taking them off. All of this has led me to believe she's just nervous about it and not that she's uncomfortable or in pain.

I decided not to ride today and just to take it slow and work with her on the saddle pad issue. I brought her in from her pasture and longed her to figure out her mood. Her mood was perfect, she was tired lol! It was warm so she was being lazy which was just fine with me since I wanted her quiet. I worked with her as I did from the begining. Desensitizing her to it flaping and getting closer and closer. Then I started rubbing her with it. She did really well and after moving away from me and some "please don't mom" s *pouty lip*, she sighed and stood still. I worked on both sides first outside, where we had more room to move, and than indoors. Finally I put her in the crossties and added the saddle. She was a little nervous but we worked through it and in the end she was calm and good. She got tons of treats and grain after.

I neglected to come through on my promise of pictures woooooops! I'll try again tomorrow.

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