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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I'm Still ALIVE: part 2

Christmas was also wonderful, if very quiet this year. My brother has joined the Marines and will be heading off to Basic in April so it will be my last Christmas with him for about five years. I'm very proud of him and it's something he's really happy about so I'm glad for him but a little worried and sad at the same time.

On Christmas Eve the horses got lots of hay and extra grain because we had a huge blizzard/snowstorm. Luckily being Minnesota born and raised our horses took it in stride and with their blankets, shed and extra food weathered it out all right.

The bad part of the snowstorm is that it was above freezing when it started so along with a couple feet of snow we got ice, ick! Because of this ice although I sometimes could be riding otherwise, I simply don't want to risk Sora or myself in these conditions. This means that it will probably be months before I get any riding in again so I'm planning other types of work so that I can at least spend some time with her. She's great with her ground training so I would be happy to take cold weather training suggestions =D

Also I'm hoping to use this time to work on myself, namely loosing the weight I gained over Christmas *blush* lol and working on more core strength.

Picture of a happier (ie. Warmer) time rofl!

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