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Saturday, January 9, 2010

I'm Still ALIVE: part 3

New Years was great this year especially since we invited family over that I hadn't seen in a long time. My cousin Jenna and I were like sisters several years ago but since she recently started her own family I haven't seen her. We used to spend weeks at our farm either riding stick horses, before we had real ones, or riding Bucky and Jackson once we had them. It was wonderful to see her again!

On New Years Eve I noticed that Sora was uncomfortable chewing. She had just been floated in April so I hoped that wasn't the problem. Because of the grinding sound I heard I was 88.8% sure that she was just having some problems loosing some baby caps. I decided to wait for the next day before I decided what to do.

On New Years Day I was disappointed to see that Sora actually seemed more uncomfortable and during the evening feeding she didn't finish her hay. I told her the next morning that if she wasn't better by Monday I would call the vet. She decided to follow through and by Monday, if anything, seemed slightly worse. I called the vet and set up an appointment for the next morning.

It turned out the stubborn pony just wanted to see the vet because the vet found that she had JUST lost two baby caps, just as I thought lol, and said that she should be feeling better. He also found a few points on the back, but nothing he thought was causing discomfort, and took care of them.

Over the next few days she improved remarkably and not only hoovered up the hay I gave her, but also cleaned up the extra hay that she was leaving from before. Today she was bouncing around bucking, rearing and doing all kinds of acrobatic manuvers while flirting with Jackson over the fence. It was nice to see after looking out to see her standing miserably by her shed last week.

In parting, since I don't have any recent pictures, I decided to post this one. This is the picture that Robin took for me after I told her I was interested in Sora. It was partly this picture that caused me to fall in love with her <3

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