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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Of Nasty Weather and Plastic Ponies

After my last post I got really sick for a week but I'm finally feeling better.

I went out today to work on Sora's hooves again and she was a really good girl about it so I took her out of her pen to our arena for a while so she could run around and explore a little. I got a couple of pictures of her on my phone since my camera is acting up =P

It's hard to tell but she's having a good shake in this one, it was cute =) You can also kind of see the awful weather we've been having. It's warmer than it was but now there's been freezing rain for the past three days =3

Because I haven't been able to do anything with Sora recently I thought I'd post a little more about my other hobby. I started collecting model horses, specifically Breyers, when I was about five =) At that point of course I just played with them but by the time I was sixteen I had twenty or so. When I went to college, however, I left them behind and didn't really think I'd ever get more.

In my second year of college I discovered Artist Resins =D More detailed than Breyers there are also many more available. I was hooked! The only problem was the price. Even unpainted the largest scale, referred to as Traditionals, run between $100-$1000 or in some cases even more. Then, on top of that, paint jobs cost $150 - $5000? or even more. There was no way aI could afford this =X

For a while I made do. I bought a broken "classic" scale (slightly smaller than traditionals) model for a good price and had him repaired.
I also bought a couple of Stablemates, the smallest "popular" size. Here is a picture reference of the different scales (the picture isn't in scale however lol).

Traditional Classic PaddockPal StableMate MiniWhinnies

I was still having trouble affording the models I really wanted but then I discovered the tiniest scale which are called Mini Whinnies by Breyer or Micro Minis by most others. I've always loved miniatures and micros are TINY. About the height of a Quarter there were enough different models to keep me busy for a while. You can see some here.

The only problem was that there just weren't that many models available since there are really only one or two sculptors that sculpt in that scale. I decided that I would try making one myself and Paris was born =D After about a year I made a stock horse mare named Khepri and am currently working on Nafre
Hopefully I'll be able to spend some more time with Sora tomorrow and, if I'm able to, I'll try to borrow a camera to get more, better pictures.


  1. Oh my god those are SO COOL! They're so TINY, how did you do all that detail!?

  2. Thanks so much! Mostly it's just a lot of patience and the fact that I'm extremely stubborn =D. I also have a magnifying lamp that helps a great deal.

    I was going to post pictures of my tools etc but I thought the post was already too long lol.

  3. I love Kheprie. Do you have any unpainted castings available? I customize model horses, and I love the micro minis. Yours are the nicest I've seen as far as proportion and details.

  4. Thanks so much Meghan! Yeah I do have some unpainted castings for sale. They've been going quick and there's a list because I can't keep up with the people who want them.


    you can contact me through the above link and I'll put you on the list. =D

    Love your mare by the way <3