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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday Selections

This was going to be Friday Favorites but I forgot to post it on Friday erp.

This is in no particular order and is a non horsie list, otherwise I can assure you Sora would be on it <3

1. Battlestar Galactica

My favorite tv show of all time! The extremely human way that they portray people really amazes me. There isn't a single character on the show that you like all the time because they are always making decisions that you may or may not agree with. There isn't the "evil" character that so many shows have. Plus there is a healthy dose of hotness lol. My brother, who I've been watching the show with (for the second time) is a Sharon fan, I really like Lee and Kara <3 although Helo and Sharon are some of my favorite characters.

2. Diet Coke

My drink of choice. <3

3. DeviantArt - http://www.deviantart.com/

Incredible website with some incredible artists. One of my favorite places to get gifts from plus I just love browsing around drooling over the art.

4. Imogen Heap

My favorite musical artist would vary depending on when you asked but Imogen is always at or near the top. I've been using my 1 1/2 hours on the light rail to listen to her new album, Ellipse, over and over =D

5. My ipod touch

Which actually contains three of my other favorites on it, doesn't get much better than that! My favorite app is the kindle book reader. I read so many books on it it's not even funny =X

6. Jacqueline Carey

One of my many favorite authors. Her writing is like poetry and even the political parts of her book are written so beautifully they could be lyrics to a song.

7. The smell of Apoxie Sculpt

This is what I use to sculpt and when it heats up from my fingers or when I'm sanding it the smell is intoxicating. It's sort of earthy/musty and like nothing else.

8. My Netbook

I seriously don't know what I'd do in my classes without this little computer. I write extremely slow but I type very fast so this thing saves my life. Especially in accounting where I swear my teacher covers then entire white board in under a minute =X This picture isn't of mine but it's a good illustration of the size.

9. Wraeththu

A surprising last minute purchase from Half Price Books this has turned into one of my favorite books. Very unique =D

10. My Cello

From 12 to 20 this thing and I had a love hate relationship but I spent thousands of hours of my life with it and much of who I was/am is tied up in it. I haven't played it since May 2008 because it's just too painful, and I don't have the time, but I hope to pick it up again in a few years when I do have more time.


  1. pretty mare! i would also like to read this post but it seems to have been written by someone in north america who has been watching battlestar galactica.

    and in germany we are years behind.

    years. i am so afraid of spoilers i avoid several websites altogether.

    don't tell me!: )


  2. I would never =) I've actually not seen the entire series either. The second half of the fourth season I had to miss for school.

    Best show ever though =D