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Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Tour and a Ride

I went on a ride today. Looking ahead at the forecast it looks like it will be colder and either snowy or rainy so I took advantage of our relatively nice day and had a really nice ride. I started just for a little in the arena then went out to our ditch pasture for a trail ride. I was trying to think of how to explain the ditch pasture when I realized that with the sad lack of pictures in recent posts I could do a farm tour that would take care of both :-)

So without further ado!
^This is outside the non horse side of the barn. We usually tie up along this fence line for grooming and tacking up. That is the arena straight ahead where we have our mounting block and where I usually start out on Sora.

This is looking along the arena fenceline with my back to the barn. Our house is to the left.
In this pictures the barn is to my left and the house is right behind me. These are our two main dry lots. Our waterer is in the middle of the two lots and they both have access to the run in shed. We have it arranged so that the dry lots are like the center of a wheel and they are surrounded by pastures all of which can be accessed from the dry lots. One of the dry lots is for one horse, smaller portion of shed and only two pastures. The other is for two horses, bigger portion of shed, has access to three pastures and an extra small lot for dividing horses when feeding.
This is the one horse lot which has Sora in it right now. To the left is a gate to the upper pasture and straight ahead is the gait to the middle pasture.
This is the other lot which has Khepri (right in front of me :-) and Jackson. That gate to the right leads into the small lot we use for dividing horses while feeding. The grainery is to my right.
This is the upper pasture that leads from Sora's lot. The barn is over my left shoulder. I didn't get a good picture of the middle pasture but it is off to my right.
This is the first pen that splits off of the two horse dry lot. We call it the ram's pen because when my parents used to raise sheep for whool this is where they kept the rams. We WEREN'T allowed in here as kids :-)
This is standing in the small dividing lot. The grainery is to my right, you can see the house and garage, the well is right ahead and the driveway is to my left. The dry lots are to the right.
This is turned 180*. This is our newest pen which we set up just after we sold off part of the farm. There is a drainage ditch to the right which is why we call this the ditch pasture. the Ram's pen is to the left. Straight ahead is where our new neighbors are building their house.
This is turned to the right about 90*, looking down into the tree lot pasture. This used to be a corn field until my parrents planted it full of trees. We just recently turned it into pasture and it is my favorite. Straight ahead is the drainage ditch. The cat that you can just see has a mouse in her mouth :D
This picture is straight ahead still looking down the tree field pasture. The ditch is to my left, the driveway is to the right, you see a path to the south and your sword is glowing blue :P
This is much further down the pen looking at our prettiest tree across our driveway towards the ditch.
Back to our barn, newly full of hay. It smells incredible!!!!
This is looking into my just organized tack room. That saddle is my new one.

Standing in my tack room. That's my new saddle again :-)
Looking at the other corner of my tack room. Feeding stuff to the left, and a bunch of other storage. Sora's grooming gear is in the cute pink tote.

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  1. Cool idea. It looks like you have a lot of nice area to ride on.