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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What's in MY bucket :-)

This post was inspired by a recent post of Dressage Pony. It's something I wanted to show for a while but I've been trying to gain the courage lol! So here goes.

One of my favorite things to buy for horses are brushes because there are so many different ones available, they are affordable and they are something that the horse actually enjoys (vs. a girth or something :D) When I first got Sora I started collecting brushes and one of my favorite purchases for her was the pink tote and stickers which turned into >
This really makes me feel like a dork lol! These are the brushes that I curently have. I've picked them up everywhere from our small local tack shop, the state fair, Minnesota horse expo etc.
With Sora's long, fine mane the cowboy magic, brush and rubber bands are essential. The brushes are all a different stiffness with the one with the brown heart being the softest. The yellow one I only use during winter when she has a thick hair coat and she's muddy because it's quite stiff.
Yes, those are Hello Kitty stickers and yes, Sora is a HUGE fan :D
Finally a picture of Sora after the brushes were in use. You'll have to excuse the mouthful of hay and the grumpy expression. It is quite cold here and I feel about the same lol :P

I'm also happy to welcome Andrea from Eventing-A-Gogo! as my first follower. I love her horse and her sport and wish I knew even a quarter of what she does about horses!

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