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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It May Not Be Davinci,.....

I mentioned previously that I do a little sculpting and I posted a few pictures of some of my sculptures but I wanted to show what they look like painted.

The reason I'm doing this now is that I just got one back from the painter that I sent out about a year ago. It was really exciting to get him. These are very bad pictures because the lighting is terrible today but this is what he looks like. That is a nickel :P
This is the picture the painter took for me.
Finally this is another one that was painted quite a while ago.

I'm mostly proud because of the fact that since I've been casting them I've actually sold a nice number and recently I sold one to a woman in the Czech Republic. It's just so cool to think that something I created is desired by someone so far away!

If you are interested in my work there is more information on the link to Grain of Sand Studios in the bar on the right.

The painter of the first one is Katrina Michaels
The second was painted by Cassie Black


  1. These look great!

    Yeah no pirates. It's been drowned to death all over the place. People like it because the horses react to that music well. I also feel the same way about using Simon and Garfunkel, the Beatles and a few others. I'm not poo-ing on people who choose it, whatever floats their boat, what bothers me is the lack of creativity and originality. I far more enjoyed watching Don Charley, Lauren B and Monica Theoderescue (despite POC usage) because they took more risks and were more artistically sound.

    As for me, I'm debating about a few options, but I think I've settled on two composers/artists with a vast amount of libraries to their name.

    Don't give up the dressage training, it will come in handy down the road, no matter where you go.

  2. One of my main hobbies is painting model horses, and micro minis are one of my favorite scales to paint. I've even done a drastic micro mini Bashkir Curly custom. I love your sculpture! Very well-proportioned.

    I have pictures of my customs at http://community.webshots.com/user/dunalino. So cool to stumble upon another model horseperson!