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Saturday, October 10, 2009

More Shtuff

Brrrrr! This morning when I woke up we had snow and the temp was 28*. Poor Sora was shivering because I never thought it would sneak up on us that fast and hadn't put her sheet on her the night before. It was quickly remedied and I tried to make up for it with a few treats and a grooming in our nice warm barn while she ate hay and grain and stopped shivering.

Just a few minutes ago I got back in from rasping all of her hooves. She was really good especially since I had let them get a little long :P I also remembered that I didn't really report much on her last trimming and so I'll add some of that now.

Erika was out a few weeks ago and trimmed Sora's hooves. I had also asked her to help me try on some hoof boots because I was worried that Sora had hurt herself on all of the gravel and had subsequently abcessed. First, Sora was wonderful about all of her hooves (I think even Erika was really impressed *grinz*). Second, she didn't think that it was the gravel that had caused the abcess and after asking me a few questions, and trying on about five pairs of boots :D, said that she didn't think Sora would ever really need hoof boots since she has such great feet!!! I was really happy because if she doesn't need them I certainly don't want to have to deal with them. Finally, and most exciting, when I asked when she wanted to have me set up an appointment again she said, "well, if you keep doing what you are you won't really need me out again. Just call me if you get behind and she needs a trim or if you have a question. You can also just email me pictures of her hooves if you have any questions and I can email you back suggestions. This way, maybe by the time you move you'll be doing it completely by you self and you won't need to worry about finding another bare foot trimmer."

I was STUNNED, and soooo excited. I have been honestly concerned about trying to find another good barefoot trimmer that will trim her hooves as nicely as Erika so now that is one more weight off my mind.

I'm also excited because I put in an order with State Line Tack for a bunch of stuff and it shipped yesterday. I ordered a chest sleazy thing, because last year Sora was getting fairly bad rubs, a pair of bell boots, they actually had a pair of white ones in small *shocked*, a cooler, because they had one in her size that was $9.99! and I couldn't resist, a bit, because the copper one I have made her drool like she had rabbies and it's NEVER going back in her mouth and her happy mouth is all chewed up after only about three uses *rolls eyes*, and finally my favorite! a pair of boots!!!, because I've been riding in tennis shoes :X. With economy shipping it should get here sometime late next week or the week after. I feel like I've been on some kind of buying spree but that entire order was really cheap (because its from SLT :P) and I've really needed some of it for a while. Don't tell the college loan people lol!

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