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Sunday, October 25, 2009

We're Still Alive!

Hi guys, I am actually still alive even though the weather and school are trying to change that :D

School has been CRAZY for the last three weeks and will be through the rest of this week. Our teachers to be "nice" spread our midterms through three weeks which was necessary but also means that it feels like we haven't had a break for a really long time. Currently I'm part-way through a 15 page paper that half of my grade in a class depends on, studying for a staffing midterm, writing a bio for myself :P, and working on a group project that is due on Thursday. I did get a few pictures, from online, of the building that I have school at so here, for your viewing pleasure!^This is actually the room I have two of my classes in. Those chairs are wickedly uncomfortable.

Weather has been crazy as well. Ugh, we had steady rain for two days which turned into heavy snow on the morning of the third day and continued through the night. This is what it looked like partway through the snow that day.If you look really closely you'll see that two horses are sharing hay in the right side and Sora is by herself in the left side. The two on the right are kind of in love which is cute because they are both in their late teens or early twenties and it's like they finally found true love :D

At any rate with all of this weather stuff going on it's been hard to work with Sora but I've been doing some thinking about our plans for the future. That will be a post for later.

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