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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I finally got a chance to ride in my new saddle today. It's WONDERFUL! It fits her perfectly and sits right where a saddle is supposed to (imagine that :D) and it puts my leg in a good place for the first time ever. My Wintec placed me in a chair seat while also pushing me forward onto my crotch not a good thing lol. This one feels really weird to me because for the first time I have a dressage leg :-) She also moved sooooo much better at the trot and when I longed her to start out she didn't hump her back.

I think that from now until it gets too cold to comfortably ride I'm going to try to ride Sora about three days a week but I'm going to try to ride for shorter periods of time and spend plenty of time hand grazing etc. I'm going to especially concentrate on getting her a little more in front of my leg. I'm planning on riding this coming weekend on both Saturday and Sunday and will see if I can get someone to take pictures then. It might be hard because my sister will be gone and although my dad takes GREAT pictures his horse pictures leave a little to be desired :-)

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