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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Who Knew?

This? Is Sora?
So today I searched "Little Sora Story" on Google just to see what came up and this is what I found. I had no idea lol! I know that this is a really popular game but it's not one I've ever played and in case anyone was wondering, this is not who/what I named Sora after.

I have always been fascinated with names and naming. When I was younger I carefully picked out names for my stuffed animals and model horses based on what was important to me at the time and what I thought was pretty or matched whatever I was naming best. As I grew older I started to collect names I liked. I found those names everywhere, often from different languages or words in our language that aren't often used. Most recently I have been picking names mostly from baby naming sites looking at what they mean, most often looking at different languages. As an example, the name Khepri is Egyptian for "morning sun" and was chosen by me and Hanna because we wanted something really pretty and very different so that people would stop and ask about her. Plus it just fits her so much better than Clue lol!

Finding Sora's barn name was no different for me except that I put even more effort into it. I really wanted her name to mean something to me since I had been waiting for her my whole life. I also wanted it to at least sort of pertain to her registered name. I also wanted something weird and something that would make people ask about her name. Because I really wanted it to mean something to me I picked a made up language from one of my favorite book series Robert Jordan's "The Wheel of Time". Because he had just died, leaving his last book unfinished, it sort of meant even more.
I found the word sora on this site which is a dictionary of words from the "Old Tongue". I considered several different names on the list such as (sei'taer = "straight eyes" /or/ "level eyes" (one who has gained honor) and n'dore = dancers) but just imagine a show anouncer trying to pronounce them or trying to get people to spell them correctly! Ouch :P

If you looked at the list you probably found sora=life. This means so much to me in so many different ways. First, Sora is my life right now. Everything about my decisions for the last couple of years have led up to this including changing my career path from music (something that I had spent my entire life on) to HR (which is something that I can make enough money in to support a horse while still being passionate about it and engaged). Also, life is just such a wonderful term to me. from loving just about all living things to just really loving life in general. I also found that in Japanese sora=sky, not a bad meaning either :~)

It also aligns with my goal of having a name that is similar to her registered name, TF Lilly's Shoshana. Sora/Shoshana, not so different really. By the way, Lilly's Shoshana, loosely translated means Lilly's Lilly, or Lilly's Rose which is really cute because Sora's mom's name is Lilly Langtree so she is really Lilly's Lilly :D

So there you go! Now you know way more about Sora's name than you probably ever wanted to.

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