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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pulling Hair Out

So right now everything is really nuts. As a side note I didn't get to go on a trail ride because of certain boyfriend issues but we are hoping to be able to get out this weekend. *fingers crossed*

First, Sora has been uncomfortable with her saddle so I've been madly searching for a new one that is actually in my budget that will be enough better to make it worth it. It couldn't have come at a worse time. Both because I am crazy busy and because some of the best trail riding is happing right now and I'm just not that fond of the idea of riding a green three year old Arabian on an hour long trail ride bareback, call me crazy :~)

Secondly recruiting is so intense. It really sucks right now because we are all really worried about actually getting a paid, fully time internship while the process for getting one is really confusing and hard to deal with. All of the students have to apply for jobs on the recruiting website along with applying on company websites for some of the jobs. Some of the applications take more than an hour and we're trying to churn out 10-15 every week. One job application had two different timed tests! including a reasoning test where you had to match shapes to make a pattern (MUCH harder than it sounds) and an ethics, leadership, teamwork test, owih! Add to that the fact that out of eight or so jobs so far that have selected candidates, I've been denied an interview from all eight :*(

Thirdly grad school. I already have a midterm next week for a half semester class, I have written two 5+ page papers and have two projects due next week. Some of them don't take me that long to do but at this point anything like that is a major project just because of how busy I am. I have four classes instead of most peoples three and one of those has a lab. I have four text books with so much reading that I really don't know if I'll ever get it done. Unlike college most grad professers seem to think that people can read half a text book over a weekend. Multiply that by four and that is my current life. Add to that the fact that I comute two hours each way and I feel like I'll never have free time again.

Finally, and worst in my current opinion, I haven't been able to spend ANY time with Sora. I had her feet trimmed yesterday (that will be a post for a different day) and she was so starved for attention. It really hurt (and kind of made me happy at the same time) to see how happy and desperate she was to see me. I'm hoping that this weekend I'll be able to take a long enough break to go for a trail ride and at least get her out for a little. It would certainly make me feel less stressed.

So I guess to leave off, if you don't hear from me for awhile, it's probably becaused I've been burried alive under a mountain of homework and job applications.

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