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Sunday, September 13, 2009

What I've Been Up To: Part II

School this past week was stressful. Because it was the first week teachers seem to feel the need to tell us everything that's coming up for the entire semester so the first few classes are a test in managing stress as you try to figure out how you will accomplish everything. I did survive the first week and I am really excited about all of my classes. This semester I have classes in Stats, Staffing, Sustainability in HR and Compensation and Benefits. I also started to get ready for recruiting which officially starts on Monday.

I was also excited to finally order and receive more clay for my most recent sculpting project, "Khepri".
She's been on hold for the past few months since I lost my sculpting kit so now with the new clay I just need some more sculpting tools and I'll be able to finish her. I also sold another copy of "Paris" to a wonderful woman in the Czech Republic.
This past week made Sora mad at me :C She missed me and was very clingy when I was able to spend time with her on Friday evening. I made a point of spending some quality time with her and then yesterday when my friend was out I finally rode her again for the first time since about a week before she was lame with her abscess. It was the first time Emy saw me ride her and I think she was impressed over all, she is a western pleasure rider that doesn't really get Dressage and has never trained a horse so is not used to a green horse. Sora was very good and really didn't offer any resistance even though I rode her with a bit for only about the third or fourth time. It was wonderful to be on her again and I can't wait until our ride later today.

A few more pictures I found when sorting through the hundreds that Hanna took.
^Just lookee at that back leg :P *drool*

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