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Monday, September 7, 2009

What I've Been Up To

For me the summer is now officially over. I had orientation for school last week Monday-Wednesday and tomorrow school starts for real. This semester along with the stress of just going to grad school I'm going to be doing intense recruiting for a paid summer internship. This is something that often turns into a full time job so it is essential not only to get one but to get a good one. The competition is intense as is the schedule. I'm excited about it but also a little scared and already missing my summer.

On the Sora front everything is good. I haven't gotten on her again since her abscess partly because with the cooler weather she's been a little more hyper and partly because, for some reason, her saddle seems to be bothering her even though to my eyes it really looks like it fits perfectly. I have been working more on ground work which is what I really wanted to work on for the rest of the fall. Her longing is getting much better and I'm continuing to work on keeping her out of my space.

However, the real reason for this post was to share these wonderful pictures that my sister took. She is obviously much better than me at getting pictures and she gave me a few hours of her time to take dozens and dozens of pictures :~)

As a side note I would like to add that I know her saddle pad is pretty screwed up and her saddle is sitting too far forward. I had it girthed too loose and by the time I noticed we were well into the pictures.

^That's my little sport horse :D It continually amazes me how lucky I got with my first Dressage prospect purchase <3
Sharing a quiet moment.^
This one is my desktop background right now.^

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