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Sunday, July 19, 2009

After a Break

Today I rode Sora again finally (ride number Eight) . For the past few days Sora has been kind of off. At first I think it was because she was in heat but yesterday when I took her out to pony her she was grinding her teeth and her eyes were pinched so I figured she was in pain somehow (it was hardly noticeable and she really only ground her teeth once in a while but I know her so well that I could tell something was off). Today when I took her out it was the same thing but a little less so I decided to try to figure out what was wrong. I poked and rubbed her all over including her legs, back, hips, shoulders, etc. I lifted her legs and moved them and she didn't seem like they were hurting her at all. Her back wasn't sore at all even though I wasn't being that gentle poking at her lol.

I finally discovered a small knot about half way on her neck on the left side. It is small and just a little warm so I am not too worried. I got her to stretch her neck in both directions and up and down and she didn't seem overly uncomfortable.

At first I didn't think I would work her but because of where the knot was and because I haven't been able to work with her for a few days now I decided to start out and see how she was doing. I tacked her up and there was no tooth grinding and she seemed comfortable so I took her out to lounge her. She did seem slightly stiff on the lounge and once again I thought about not working her but since her back wasn't sore I figured I would at least get on and work on backing her and getting her to move off my leg.

She did really well! Especially since she had a fairly long break and is still in heat. There was no tooth grinding and she was relaxed so I stayed on her back, otherwise I would have been off right away. I just walked her around again working on getting her to go to places in the "arena" that she wasn't happy about going to last time I rode. After we were done she didn't grind her teeth at all and her eyes looked better so I wonder if moving around helped. I also put some liniment on it so just maybe that helped a little as well. Soon I hope to work on trotting but I'll wait for that until she is back to 100%.

In the next week Lauren, my sister, is coming home and then I'll get to take Sora on a trail ride!!!!!! I'm so excited :D

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