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Friday, July 31, 2009

Last day of Work!!!!

Today was my last day of work at Target. I've been there for almost exactly a year and I was really ready to be done. I now have about a month before school and I plan on making the best of it.

I had a wonderful ride on Sora this evening. I started off like normal but was a little tougher on her than I usually am. I pushed her a little harder on things like steering, trotting and continuing to move forward and she took it. She worked nicely and I was very pleased that she didn't pull the spoiled pony card :~) We even went on our first real trail ride and other than thinking that maybe that meant she could graze she was really good.

I thought maybe it would be time to talk a little about my background since you know so much about Sora.

I am currently a student at Carlson working on my Human Resources Grad degree. I commute two hours each way to get there but I only have school three days a week. School starts again in early September. I have a bachelors degree in Music Performance and play the Cello. I changed my career path at the end of college for the simple reason that I knew I needed horses in my life. I miss the Cello but I am so happy each and every day that I wake up and remember that I get to spend the rest of my life around horses that I know I made the right decision.

Along with loving real horses I have collected model horses since I was about three lol. I recently started sculpting them and you can find one of my first attempts here
I've always loved Arabians and always wanted one although throughout my life I've liked different types of horses and different sports. My love of Dressage came about when I was too nervous riding out on the cross country courses with my sister and our friend and would stay in the arena saying I would rather do Dressage. It ended up that I really did love it and have ever since.

My family got our first pony when I was only seven. My mom was terrified of the little beast for good reason and he did everything he could to defeat my dreams of riding him. Eventually I gave up on him completely and we sold him soon after.

My next horse experience consisted of English jumping lessons where my favorite horses where a white Arabian mare and a buckskin pony. They only lasted a month and then I had a very depressing few years until we got Bucky.

Bucky is really a blog all in himself so I'll talk about him later but he was quite the horse experience. I am proud to say that I stuck him out until he was nearly perfectly behaved and then traded him for Loki.

Loki was wonderful, a beautiful mover and a very well behaved calm horse but we never got along. I think we both hated each other a little and we were always having arguments. I stuck with him while I was going to school for music because I didn't think I was going to be able to have horses and therefore it made more sense to just keep one that was uncomplicated but as soon as I changed my profession I put him up for sale. He found a wonderful woman that called me after she got him home and said she had just had the best day of her life :D I used the money from Loki to buy my long time dream horse, Sora.

Along the way I participated in 4-H where I showed goats and rabbits. I have a cat named claudio that thinks he is a dog and my family also owns a welsh corgi and another cat named Benedict along with the horses and goat that you know about. I have two sister's that kind of like horses and a brother that won't set foot near them. We currently all live on a newly split twenty acre farm in southern Minnesota right near the Mississippi river. In fact we live so close that we take our horses swimming in it.

I've done tons of other interesting things in my life but I think these are the most relevent and recent things. I'm sure I won't be posting as much once school has started but I'll let you know when that is.

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