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Thursday, July 30, 2009

ahhhh, me :P

Well, today I had my first bad day with Sora in a long while. It was weirdly bad too in a way I'm having a hard time capturing or figuring out.

I took her into the barn with the idea that I was just going to rasp her hooves and try her SmartPak saddle pads on with her saddle. She seemed tense from the first moment she walked in the barn. Like something between being in pain and being in heat. She was extremely nervous in the barn and was jumping at all kinds of silly small things.

The thing that really got me though was that she was jumpy and didn't want the saddle on her back. She was pretty sure it was going to hurt her or attack her in some way and she NEVER acts like that. It is an especially sore point for me because my previous horse, Loki, always acted that way and it drove me nuts.

After I took the saddle off her back I started on her hooves and was waiting for it to be rough but she was better than she's ever been. I got through all her hooves and was able to do a really good job on all of them. I'm supposed to be doing it every week and it had been a little longer so it took a while and she stood extremely still the entire time :~) My trimmer should be impressed lol!

After I finished with her hooves I decided to go out in our arena and join up with her since it's been awhile and it would give her a nice amount of exercise in a less structured way. She did really well at that too and even trotted and cantered after me when I ran away from her for the first time. She was very respectful and stayed joined up really easy.

What bugged me during this though was that she didn't really want to do anything but graze. Honestly! our horses get to graze 24/7 and yet whenever you take them out that's all they want to do. Sora didn't used to be that bad but for some reason, even though she's fatter than ever, she just won't stop. Since we don't have any space without grass it's just part of life here but sometimes it bothers me more that others and tonight was one of those times.

At first I was having a tough time getting her to stop but by the end all I had to do was cluck and she would stop and start following me but that was really all that was on her mind even though I was out to play around and enjoy her company she was thinking only of grazing and was getting pretty po'd that I wasn't letting her.

I know I shouldn't let it bother me, I mean she's a horse right?, but she usually isn't like that so when she is it bothers me too much. After she was really listening we went for a walk down our driveway and made a nice loop. Usually she freaks out about a dozen things on that loop but this time, as long as I stopped along points and let her graze urg *pulls hair out* she was calm and well behaved.

So as you see the whole day really went fine but I was kind of disappointed. Maybe it was me, when something goes wrong with Sora it usually is :X

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