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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Celebrating.... plus ride number ten

Sora's gotcha day is officially on the first of August. That was the day when this arrived at my home.and Sora stepped off.
She undeniably changed my life and I am so lucky to have her!

To celebrate I ordered one of these with her name embroidered on it, a nice soft fleecy half back pad (to keep her back comfy as her muscles change) and a nice fleecy Dressage girth so I can start riding her in my Dressage saddle. I can't wait until they get here and I'll be sure to take pictures to post here.

I did also ride her today (ride number ten) and she was perfect as usual. I worked mainly on stopping since starting on Sunday I'll have someone to trail ride with and I want to make sure I have brakes first lol!!! I also tried something a little tricky just to see what she would do. I rode her over to the gate to our arena, leg yielded her up to it and leaned waaaaaaay over to unlock the gate. She was perfect and only jumped a little as I swung the gate open. We went out then and walked around the lawn and over to the field a little. I was really happy and we called it a night since I had limited time. I'm hoping that I can ride tomorrow after work and if I can I'm planning on riding her with the bit for the first time although I'll only use the halter to steer the first time. I'm so excited.

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