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Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Pocket Full of Ri,,,des

One of the main reasons I started this blog is to have a journal of my progress with Sora. I LOVED reading "It's a Really Long Way Down" and I realized that having a record of my progress would be wonderful for me to go back and look at later. I also thought it would be nice to share my progress and any problems I have along the way with other people who are also training young horses.

As of yesterday I've been on six rides on Sora. She hasn't objected to me riding her in any way which, with my previous pony training experience, is incredible to me :~) I didn't get pictures until our sixth ride but the previous five rides looked just about the same lol. The first time I jumped up on her back she just stood, relaxed, flicking her ears and eventually turned her head to both sides to sniff my feet.

Hold on there you scary Arabian you lol.

Afterwards I jumped off and, strangely for me, started to sob
hysterically :~P Once I had regained my composure I started to machine gun feed her treats. That made Sora very happy lol!!!

On the next few rides I gradually worked up to her wal
king around her dry lot and eventually moved to our "arena". None of those rides had anything as scary as even a shy and she acts so relaxed that I feel as though I'm riding a 14 year old instead of a 3 year old.

What I am riding in I will fondly refer to as the "arena" because it is actually a small pasture that is as close to flat as you are going to find in southern Minnesota. I don't have good footing and frankly the fencing scares me a little. I did get the posts from the middle pulled out (part of a round pen) after that ride so that is better now. I'd give some body part for a chance to ride in a proper arena but without a trailer that won't be happening anytime soon :*(

I don't know if anyone out there is reading this but if you are, how many of you are dealing with working with a horse without any kind of arena. I once heard from an upper level Dressage rider that was riding in a marked out part of a hay field and she gave me hope lol.

Pictures :~)

Now, before anyone says anything I know I am in tennis shoes and shorts but at least I'm wearing a helmet right? lol (and my stirrups are too short XD)

For those of you with Arab-Phobia no she is not drugged.

Note the tongue in the last pic. Sora decided to pull a funny face for the picture XP

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