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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Two Bays, Two Chestnuts and a Sorrel

Today I had every intention of riding and ponying Sora because it was beautiful outside. Cool, sunny and breezy and just the absolute perfect riding temperature. However, I didn't sleep very well last night and for some reason had a really long and exhausting day at work so when I got home I watched So You Think You Can Dance (the best show ever) and just lazed around on the couch feeling guilty for not riding lol.

(Bay) I did go out and scratch Sora and I got some fuzzy pictures of her newly trimmed fetlocks.
Because otherwise this would be the most boring post in the world I decided to post some pictures of the other horses/animals on our farm.

First are the two horses that are owned by my sister's Lauren and Hanna.

(Chestnut) Jackson is owned by my sister Lauren who is currently going to college so when I want a horse to ride he is the one I take out. Yes he is an easy keeper lol! He is most likely a solid color Appaloosa possibly with a little Quarter horse in him. He is probably in his late teens.

(Sorrel) Khepri is Hanna's horse. She is a wonderful trail horse and is the perfect horse for me to ride when I'm ponying Sora because she is calm and well behaved. Those Halloween costumes again lol.
(Chestnut) Next is my friend's Arabian who is staying with us until fall. She is registered and is 6 years old. Trained western pleasure. Her Barn name is ET which is perfect because she can be a little like an extra terrestrial sometimes lol!
(bay lol!) The Goat is the last remaining of our herd of Dairy goats that I showed in 4-H.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that she has "goat powers". Don't look into those eyes lol!!!

I promise (cross my heart) that future posts won't be so full of fluff. I am certain that I'll actually work Sora tomorrow and I'll try to remember my camera :D

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