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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Nerves and Expectations

So, to start out I'd like to give you a little history on me and my horse/horses.

My horse is named Sora AKA TF Lilly's Shoshana. She is a registered Arabian that is three years old and currently about 14.2 hands. Sora is bay with four short white stockings, in that way she takes after her grandpa, Desperado V's markings :~)

I bought Sora almost exactly a year ago as a Dressage/trail/driving/everything prospect. I knew going into it that I really wanted an Arabian. I've had a few horses and ponies before but ever since reading "The Black Stallion" I've REALLY REALLY wanted an Arabian. I've sort of always held them up as the perfect horse (I know, I know, every young girl wants an Arabian. I guess I just never grew out of it lol.)

I did put quite a bit of research into the breed. Dressage is my passion so I knew I needed a horse that was capable of at least not embarrassing me as a dressage rider. I was pleased to find how many Arabians make WONDERFUL dressage horses. (see links)


I also wanted a short horse (for reasons that I will go into later) and so Arabians fit that as well. Finally I wanted a loving horse that would bond to me and would learn well. I've trained horses in the past but this would be the first time I was training my own horse.

Sora turned up in an ad on Equine Hits. I had finally managed to sell my previous horse (who I will talk about on a later post) so I was ready to start looking around. I had been looking at the same four Arabian fillies for the past two years. The problem was that now that I was finally ready to be serious most of them were sold and one of my favorites looked hideous in a more recent picture :(

I was looking for "the last time" through the Arabian fillies available in the area and on a hunch decided to call "Lilly's" owner because of this picture.

She was the right size, my favorite color, and had great bloodlines. I actually didn't think anything would come of it (people never seem to respond to questions about horse ads *rolls eyes*) but her wonderful owner emailed me within the following hour. We set up a time for me to see her that week.

I bought her the evening of the day I went to see her and she was delivered about five days later. I had looked at a few other horses and honestly I probably should have looked around more but than maybe I wouldn't have the most perfect horse in the world. In this case I listened to my gut and it was right!

She is the best, most beautiful, and smartest horse in the entire universe lol!!!
She's wet because she just had her first bath :~) awwww!

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